Additional Workshops

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Write the indelible moments of life—those that connect us to the mysterious, the numinous, and the un-nameable (or whatever name you use).  Use in-class exercises and readings as inspiration for writing about spiritual experiences, whether dramatic or ordinary. Write your life story using a lens that reveals patterns, meaning, and surprise.

Writing Our Lives as Story

Transform the raw straw of your life’s experience into gold. In this class, you’ll write the stories of your life—the birthings and endings, the passions and shadows, the journeys and the still moments of your experience.  We'll enter our lives through the “back door” and explore how to create stories we never even knew we needed to tell. This process will give you the opportunity to make important discoveries about yourself, and most important, to create art from life.

Return to the Center: Yoga and Journaling

It’s easy in our hectic lives to fall out of balance and lose touch with our center. Use the practices  of yoga, and journaling to slow down and return to the center of who we are. Giving ourselves the time and space to truly be inside ourselves can give us access to greater energy and freedom as well as a deeper sense of well-being. No experience necessary.